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Police and Crime Commissioners information on Home Office website

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This is a new section of the Home Office website dedicated to information on Police and Crime Commissioners (there is also a Home Office Twitter address - @ukhomeoffice).

The section will be a hub for all the latest news and information about PCCs and will grow over time. It also has three distinct sections for;
• the public
• partners
• candidates

Visit the new webpages at


Police and crime commissioner event presentations

Between January and March the Home Office held a series of police and crime commissioner (PCC) partner events, led by senior policy officials, that were designed to inform local planning and preparations for the transition to PCCs.

The events were split into three sessions, a police and local authority leaders' seminar, a scrutiny workshop and a partnership workshop.

See the reports from the events here


Police and crime commissioners - timetable

This is the page on the Home Office website that sets out the Government’s plans re PCCs and the election timetable