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Vetting and barring scheme proposed changes

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Wed, 16/02/2011

In the Queen’s Speech of May 2010, the government announced the introduction of legislation that would 'restore freedoms and civil liberties through the abolition of identity cards and unnecessary laws'. Following this commitment, the Home Office introduced the Identity Documents Bill, which received Royal Assent in December 2010. Identity cards and the National Identity Register have now been abolished.

The Protection of Freedoms Bill marks the next step in the government’s legislative programme to safeguard civil liberties and reduce the burden of government intrusion into the lives of individuals.

The Protection of Freedoms Bill is the first piece of lawmaking being opened up to public input. For the voluntary and community sector, the most significant section is the one on vetting and barring which will apply to all organisations working around children & young people and vulnerable adults.

Visit the Home Office webpage on the bill.