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NAVCA chief executive Kevin Curley to retire

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Thu, 28/07/2011

Kevin Curley, Chief Executive of NAVCA, has announced he will retire in March next year. Kevin has served as Chief Executive since January 2003. He will be 60 next February. NAVCA's Trustees have begun the process of recruiting Kevin's successor. The new Chief Executive will be in post by April 2012.

Kevin joined NAVCA eight years ago after running CVS in Hull, Derby and Leicestershire. During his career Kevin has also directed volunteer programmes for VSO in Tanzania and Vietnam. For three years he was Chief Executive of Headway the brain injury association.

Kevin Curley said: "Leading NAVCA is for me the dream job. This is a great social movement always speaking up for local voluntary action and supporting citizens who want to make their communities better places to live. As a student leaving York University back in 1972 I was involved with York CVS tackling street homelessness by setting up a night shelter. Two years later we were welcoming refugees from Amin's Uganda to the city and helping them to put down roots. 40 years on we still look to the CVS to lead the community's response to new needs."

Looking ahead to his retirement next spring Kevin said: "I chair two charities - Sengwer Aid and the Pickering Family Centre - and want to give them both more time. I also want to play a part at national level in defending the independence of the local voluntary sector. And I also intend to give some energy to community organisations in Tanzania - where I lived from 1988 to 1992 - supporting sector leaders as they search for international funding."

Source: NAVCA