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Jargonbuster - helping charities speak the same language?

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Tue, 10/01/2012

Do you measure your impact or your outputs? Should you really consider your outcomes?

Funders, commissioners and others often use concepts and terms from the language of planning, project management and performance improvement in different ways. This has led to widespread confusion about what particular terms mean and how to use them most appropriately. is a brand new website from Charities Evaluation Services (CES) and the Jargonbuster group. It is dedicated to providing clear and simple definitions of the key terms usually used to describe what organisations are doing and the difference their work is making.

It is a great, free, go-to resource for third sector organisations, funders and government and regulatory bodies alike. Not only is it a really useful tool in making sure that everyone is speaking the same language, but it will also give organisations consistent information to help them to understand, plan, review and develop their projects in a systematic way and become more effective at what they do.

Visit the Jargonbuster website for detailed definitions, practical examples and information about the language used when talking about what your goals, your activites and your achievements.