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Good news for Gender Matters

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Fri, 24/06/2011

Big Lottery Fund Awards ‘Gender Matters’ £306,931 to continue to provide services within the West Midlands region.

Gender Matters are pleased to announce that, the Big Lottery Fund, through their Reaching Communities programme, have been awarded a grant of £306,931, over a period of three years. This grant ensures the continuation of the Gender Identity Centre, the focal point for many to gain an insight into their own Gender identity.
Allied to this, the Grant also allows for others to gain an insight into the issues surrounding Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria.

Anwen Muston, Chairperson of Gender Matters states, “I am delighted with this award, which will not only benefit the Trans community but, also, their families and significant others, service providers and those who want a better understanding of the issues faced by the community.

“The Gender Identity Centre will continue to provide a safe, non-judgmental, environment in which Trans individuals, their families and significant others can meet, socialise and receive support. I am also pleased that, we can continue to work with members of the wider community to help in any way we can for the betterment of the Trans community and therefore reducing feelings of isolation.

“It is our opinion that Gender Matters has many unique qualities, in the fact that it is the only charitable organisation working across the West Midlands region providing practical support/advice, therapeutic counselling, a dedicated Gender Identity Centre and educational material on many of the issues and inequalities faced by our beneficiaries.”

The Gender Matters Gender Identity Centre was established over three years ago, in a discreet and peaceful location, proving popular with our beneficiaries; providing a focus for social activities and a pleasant environment that facilitates the teaching and learning process.

Across the West Midlands we will continue to build on the network of support provided to our beneficiaries and work closely with established social groups for their benefit.

Sherri Berry co-ordinator of the Big Lottery Fund application added “This is a fantastic opportunity for the beneficiaries! The services provided by Gender Matters are key to many Trans individuals exploring their Gender identity.”