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EVC / TSEPI tender opportunity

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Mon, 20/12/2010

RAWM wishes to extend the deadline for invitations to tender for the EVC/TSEPI commission. The new deadline for applications is 5pm, Monday 10th January 2011 and details of the tender are set out below. We welcome your application.

RAWM as the accountable body for the Regional Empowerment Programme is seeking to recruit a consultant or consultancy team to undertake an independent evaluation of the final year 2010 / 11 of the Regional Empowerment Programme which consists of two projects - Every Voice Counts (EVC) and Targeted Support for Empowerment and Participation Improvement (TSEPI) projects.

The evaluation will build on previous years’ EVC evaluation reports, and will evaluate the entire TSEPI project (December 2009 to 2011). The evaluation is being undertaken to highlight and demonstrate the effectiveness of the programme in building empowerment capacity within communities, reflect on progress and challenges and share learning.

It is envisaged that this will be an evaluation of two parts.

Part 1:

The purpose of this is to evaluate the final year of EVC and TSEPI projects activities. The evaluation will reflect the effectiveness and learning from both projects and their contribution to the overall programme aims.

Part 2:

The purpose of this is to evaluate the governance delivery arrangements of the programme which lie with RAWM as the accountable body and the EVC Partnership that was established in July/August 2009, and which guides the co-ordination and delivery of both programmes.

A fee of up to £10,000 inclusive of VAT and all expenses is offered.

Proposals must be submitted in both hard copy and electronically no later than 5pm, Monday 10th January 2011 and the contract will end on 18th March 2011.

Download the tender brief [281kB, PDF].