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New G:up Children Young People and Family VCS Sector Training Audit Survey

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Tue, 06/09/2011

In 2010 G:up (G:XL Project) undertook a region wide training needs audit of the CYPF VCS sector. G:up also produced an action plan that identified actions for developing and improving training provision for the CYPF workforce.

G:up is now updating this audit and is seeking your support and information.

The value of research data does diminish over time and having detailed, up-to-date data will inform many areas of G:up's work and be a major asset when trying to influence policy and research across the region. This data will of course be published and be freely available to G:up members as well as the wider sector.

Complete the survey online:   The survey consists of 24 simple questions and should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Completed surveys will help ascertain the value and need of this area of work and ensure that future projects meet your needs.

The sector has changed dramatically in the last year (e.g. this is evidenced in the recent G:XL Strategic Representation Audit Report), so the picture of CYPF VCS training, which remains a vital area, will be considerably different.

The deadline for completing this survey is Wednesday 28th September 2011. Contact G:up for more information or support:

Tel: 0121 460 5870