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Coping with Cuts: Redundancy & Redeployment support

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Wed, 18/08/2010

BETTER West Midlands is a project being supported by the Skills Funding Agency between now and March 2011. The project works across the region with employers of all sizes (and from all sectors) who are forced to make redundancies. This will of course be of particular interest to those voluntary organisations who are having to make staff redundant as a result of restrictions in funding.

Unity is the managing agent who, alongside Job Centre Plus, makes initial contact with the employer to develop a bespoke support package that reflects the needs of the company. The aim of the package is to provide the employer with a single point of contact for staff related redundancy support. Support will be in place within days.

Information regarding forthcoming redundancies is received by the project in a number of ways including Skills Funding Agency, trade unions, press, JCP, companies direct, LA's and company employees. Referrals are accepted from any credible source. This wide ranging intelligence gathering enables the project to respond to small organisations who do not have many of the widespread links that larger organisations enjoy. The offer of support is exactly the same regardless of the size of the company being supported.

Following notification of a company planning redundancies, initial contact is made with the HR Manager (if there is one in post)or to the company proprietor/manager. The project aims to engage individuals during their notice period to ensure that they can flow into new employment as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Each individual supported receives the following bespoke offer:

  • Information Advice and Guidance
  • Individual action plan development
  • Personal support and training where required
  • Flexible employment linked training
  • Legislative accreditation where appropriate
  • Job search support e.g. CV writing support, interview techniques, etc
  • Business start up advice, support and training where appropriate
  • Links to employers and identified employment opportunities

A promotional DVD explaining the project is available for all interested parties.

For further information contact