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Collaborative purchasing – The benefits, drawbacks and values

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Thu, 21/07/2011

G:up has written a brief guide for the sector on collaborative purchasing [80kB, PDF] - getting together with other organisations to increase your purchasing power and get better deals - critical as organisations look for efficiency savings and survival strategies as budgets and resources are squeezed.

This is one of many new resources released through G:up's three-year, Big Lottery funded G:XL project, designed to increase collaboration, capacity and infrastructure in the West Midlands children and young people's voluntary and community sector (CYP VCS).

Collaborative purchasing is buying selected products or services together with other, like-minded organisations for mutual benefit. Many third sector organisations, especially smaller ones, rely on hard negotiations with wholesalers or service providers, but by combining with other organisations they can gain stronger purchasing power, driving down prices and getting better deals!

G:up's new guide contains tips on things to consider when entering into an agreement and how to take things further. It also explains outsourcing, another potentially money-saving solution which has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Get Involved and Save Money

If you are interested in saving your organisation money or exploring collaborative purchasing possibilities, why not attend the G:XL Collaboration and Back Office Services Learning Cluster meetings?

The Learning Cluster is an interactive, information-sharing forum open to all and invites service and product suppliers to meetings, to explore if a good deal can be made for the West Midlands CYP VCS. It is part of G:XL's Collaboration and Back Office Services work stream, which aims to save organisations money by developing cost-efficient and collaborative solutions.

For more information, resources and to help shape work, visit the G:up website: or contact William Clemmey, from G:XL contract holder Midlands Youth, on 01926 450 156 or