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Announcements on Health & Social Care Bill

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Wed, 22/06/2011

National Voices welcomed the government’s announcements on changes to health reforms [61kB, PDF] last week, noting that, on some key demands, including those from National Voices’ members and allies, has gone further than the NHS Future Forum report. Download the National Voices news release [25kB, PDF].

National Voices is a coalition of national health and social care organisations that ensures a strong voice for all those who come into contact with the NHS and care services, and for the voluntary organisations that work for them.

These include the following calls made by:

  • The clarification that integration of care means seamless care for all, and the move to get all parts of the system working towards that goal
  • A new PPI (patient and public involvement) duty on Monitor
  • A stipulation for lay representation on the boards of commissioning consortia, to champion patient and public involvement and to safeguard the public interest
  • The intention to create a duty of candour, so that NHS organisations must tell us when things go wrong

During the Listening Exercise National Voices’ members’ wrote to the Future Forum with 9 Big Shouts – an outline of the changes service users most want to see [244kB, PDF], along with practical solutions to the challenges raised.