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RAWM successfully secures Safer Future Communities grants

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Tue, 08/05/2012

Working with Sector partners in both the West Midlands and West Mercia Police Authority areas, RAWM has successfully secured grants to work with local partners to support the ongoing development of both existing and new networks as changes are introduced through the election of Police and Crime Commissioners.

In the West Mercia Police Authority, RAWM is working in partnership with the West Midlands Rural Community Action Network and in consultation with the Herefordshire and the Worcestershire Partnerships and Shropshire Assembly.

In the West Midlands Police Authority area RAWM will, through local partner organisations (and / or community safety partnerships), facilitate discussions at local meetings. The immediate outcome of these meetings will be to develop a network for the West Midlands which would be the conduit between the transitional arrangements and the wider voluntary and community sector. It will build on what is already in place in each of the 7 geographical communities that comprise the West Midlands Police Authority area.

RAWM will support this activity through electronic news alerts and briefings shared across partners to highlight the potential impact and implications of changes across topics. RAWM would secure intelligence both from and for those partners who are members/representatives on Boards, share intelligence with locally based partners to distribute more widely amongst community organisations with an interest in agendas and developments.

Please visit the Safer Future Communities pages on the RAWM website, and if you wish to receive electronic news alerts please contact us on