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PRESS RELEASE: RAWM is still here – GetConnected, BeConnected, StayConnected

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Tue, 05/04/2011

5 April 2011
For immediate release


RAWM is still here – GetConnected, BeConnected, StayConnected

RAWM – the vibrant, passionate and strategic support agency for the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in the West Midlands – is pleased to announce that it is continuing to support the sector as we enter the new financial year 2011-12.

Even though funding streams for two of its projects (Big Lottery BASIS funding for Sustaining and Influence Change and the National Empowerment Partnership’s funding for Every Voice Counts) has come to an end, RAWM will continue supporting the workstreams created by these projects by working with associates in third sector policy. Resources for the Every Voice Counts project are currently available from while Sustaining Influence and Change resources can be found on the RAWM website:

In what is a transition year for RAWM, 2011-12 will provide opportunities to GetConnected, BeConnected and StayConnected with the voluntary and community sector through RAWM via a number of digital platforms.  Research and publications that provide analytical discussion on topical VCS issues are now available online on RAWM’s website and you can also follow RAWM on twitter:

Sharon Palmer, RAWM’s Chief Execuitve Officer said,
“RAWM will continue to keep the sector updated on all the latest news, events, resources and discussions around voice, influence and engagement.  If you have something to say we want to ‘hear’ your tweets! Alternatively, you can contact us by email, phone or post – we’re still around and we’re planning on staying!  RAWM will still be here specialising in facilitating sector voice, supporting sector influence and delivering sector engagement”.

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Notes to editors:

RAWM promotes and maximises the contribution of the voluntary and community sector in improving the quality of life for communities in the West Midlands. We do this by actively promoting and maximising the contribution of the voluntary and community sector in improving the quality of life for disadvantaged communities in the West Midlands; being recognised as the regional support organisation for voluntary and community sector organisations in the West Midlands; and developing and maintaining new programmes to meet present and future needs.

RAWM has an extensive network of over 3000 database contacts who receive regular bulletins, briefings and alerts. RAWM actively work with some 96 organisations engaged in policy forums and 50 organisations in project delivery and to date have produced and made available 70 publications and 80 briefings.

The voluntary and community sector is made up of different types of organisations. RAWM’s primary beneficiaries are voluntary and community organisations.

There are over 14,400 voluntary and community organisations in the West Midlands. They work in the following areas: accommodation/housing, community development, employment and the economy, the environment and conservation, for the relief of poverty, in health and disability, arts, leisure, culture and sport, education and training, and for general charitable purposes.

The voluntary and community sector employs over 51,000 people in the West Midlands and just over half the sector’s workforce is in a range of social work and social care occupations.

Almost 8% of the UK voluntary and community sector workforce is in the West Midlands.

45% of employees in the West Midlands voluntary and community sector are in professional, technical and managerial occupations.

The West Midlands’ voluntary and community sector spends in excess of £3.3 billion each year which equates to £512 put into the sector for every person living in the West Midlands.


For further information contact Pauline Roche, Policy Associate (Information & Communications) telephone: 0121 237 5818, email: or write to: RAWM, Lockside, 5 Scotland Street, Birmingham, B1 2RR.



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