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PCC election hustings - live in West Mercia

Fri, 09/11/2012

RAWM's PCC election hustings event for voluntary and community organisations in West Mercia, held in Shrewsbury on Friday 9th November 2012, was both live and lively.

For the first time, RAWM livestreamed one of its events, so reaching a wider audience. The outcome of the PCC election on Thursday 15th November will be of major significance to the whole of West Mercia, including all voluntary and community organisations.

In front of a live audience of about 40, many of whom were there representing local voluntary and community organisations, at the Shropshire Conference Centre in the grounds of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, RAWM hosted a 2-hour hustings which included all 3 candidates for the West Mercia PCC.

The RAWM team coordinated the presentation, filming, photographing, live streaming and tweeting, with Shropshire broadcaster, Jim Hawkins, doing the interviewing. Chris Pritchard from shropshirelive did the filming, and the video is available here

Audience participation came from those in the room, those watching the livestreaming, and those following the event using the hashtag #PCCWestMercia. We had nearly 80 tweets from the event using the hashtag, and those in the room were able to watch the tweets coming in live on a separate screen using the Twitter application

Word of mouth feedback from the audience in the room including the candidates, and on Twitter, was overwhelmingly positive, and we are going to follow up with an emailed brief survey to everyone.

Big thanks to the RAWM team which consisted of Sharon Palmer (CEO), Denise Taylor (MC), Pauline Roche (Communications), Ted Ryan (Logistics), James Hayward (Photography and reception) and Paul Webster (Social media reporting - @watfordgap).