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A View From The Hill Birmingham

Wed, 15/05/2013 - 18:00 - 20:00

Do you or your business have skills to volunteer to help a charity or community group? Are you a charity or community group with a need for additional volunteer support?

Offering your business skills to help a charity or community group could be one of the most worthwhile things you ever do. Not only can you make a big difference to many people, but volunteering is also a great free way to develop your own personal skills at the same time.

Your skills might include finance, marketing, pr, legal, hr or general business skills amongst many others. Whether you have a few years of experience or a lifetime, you can still make a big impact.

Many charities or community groups need a mixture of volunteer support, ranging from short-term help to raise their profile, help with administration, through to longer term trustee support.

As a charity or community group, you will already be familiar with volunteers. However, this event will give you the opportunity to find many more, and from differing skills backgrounds.

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This is a free event

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Charities and volunteers get the chance to meet at these informal networking evenings.The evenings are very relaxed. Everyone that attends receives a delegate list, with a summary of skills needed or offered. You never know where a conversation might take you, so people are encouraged to mix and mingle!

There is no pressure to volunteer your time, or work with any particular community or charity group. If you do decide to volunteer, who you choose and the amount of time you offer is up to you. If you are a charity, the same approach applies.

If you have any further queries, please contact for further details.

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