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Sole Fundraisers Free Networking Event

Thu, 05/06/2014 - 17:00 - 19:00

Are you a sole fundraiser?

Have you ever felt the pressure as a sole fundraiser? Struggling with issues such as prioritising workload, hitting those targets on your own and a feeling of isolation?

Perhaps you've felt the familiar feeling of thinking you are not working hard enough when in actual fact you're on the road to exhaustion, trying to do too much at once? Or perhaps you feel you lack support - that no-one else in your charity understands fundraising and expects either too much or too little of you?

If so, this free networking event, hosted by the Institute of Fundraising West Midlands, is the perfect opportunity to discuss these issues with others who understand in a relaxed and friendly setting.


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Note: This event is open to all sole fundraisers in the UK - not just those who are IoF West Midlands members.

IoF considers sole fundraisers to be those working on their own in the fundraising field for their charity and, in addition, those regional fundraisers who in essence work on their own, even though they may have the access to other fundraisers at a distance.