krigen mod narkotika fiasko social retfærdighed i forbindelse med sundhedsydelser

Social Care Curry Club - Birmingham

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 19:00 - 21:00

What's it all about?

Membership criteria: They’re not fussy! If you are interested in adult social care and curry you are in!

How much does it cost to participate? The cost of your curry. This is a coalition of the willing. Your bright ideas and time are welcome.

Is there a plan for the evening? There will be no presentations or key note speeches. All you have to do is chat and eat curry. If this works well there is the possibility of a trip to the pub afterwards. If it doesn’t, run like the wind!

The Social Care curry club is a gathering of folks who wish to discuss and debate, no-one attends as as a representative of an organisation or group, so lift all that baggage off at the door and collect in on the way out when you have a nice full tummy and brain.

Booking Information

Book online here so the organisers know how many to expect