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Call for Submissions - Charity Sector Sustainability

The Select Committee on Charities has been set up to consider issues related to sustaining the  charity sector, and the challenges of charity governance, and is now calling for written submissions from interested parties by 5 September 2016.

Baroness Pitkeathy Chairs the Committee and Lord Rooker, previously a member of Parliament for Perry Barr Birmingham also sits on the Committee with other Peers representing other political parties. The Committee is looking to understand the pressures faced across the sector by charities. Recommendations will be made to the UK Government, and to others, which the Committee hopes will help ease these pressures, and to make sure that the charitable sector in England and Wales is sustainable for many years to come. The Committee considers sustainability to be charities having the appropriate resources available to them to meet their charitable purposes.

This inquiry is intended to be an opportunity to engage positively with charities and the voluntary sector. The Committee is looking for examples of best practice, innovation and ideas to bring the sector together to make sure that it can thrive.

 Areas of interest

The focus of the Committee's inquiry will include:

  • the main pressures currently faced by charities, and the impact these pressures have
  • the skills required to lead and manage a charity
  • the role trustees should play in the performance and effectiveness of a charity
  • the role of national and local Government with the charitable sector
  • the role of the Charity Commission
  • charities' accountability to their beneficiaries, their donors, and the general public
  • the effective delivery of services
  • the current challenges to the financial sustainability of charities
  • innovation, particularly in the digital arena.

Written evidence must be received by 5 September 2016. The Committee's reporting deadline is 31 March 2017.