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Is RAWM part of the local authority?

RAWM is not a part of the local authority; however, we work strategically with the local authorities in the West Midlands for the benefit of the voluntary sector. This includes brokering relationships between local authorities and local infrastructure organisations.

Is RAWM a government agency?

No, RAWM is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. We receive some government funding but this is to deliver specific projects in the region - we are independent of government.

Can my organisation apply for funding from RAWM?

RAWM isn’t a source of general funding for the voluntary sector. We lever money into the West Midlands which is used to fund programmes delivered in local areas by voluntary organisations and community groups. This is achieved through a clear framework of commissioning and procurement, and contract management.

Groups and organisations in the West Midlands looking for funding should contact their local CVS (see West Midlands VCS page) to find out how to access funding databases such as Funderfinder.

Can RAWM help me develop my organisation?

RAWM provides regional intelligence on policies and strategies that impact on the voluntary sector. Organisations can receive this by becoming members. See our membership pages for more details.

If you are a local group or organisation looking for development support we would signpost you to your local CVS. CVS’s usually employ development workers and have access to local information and resources that you may benefit from.

How can I join RAWM?

Membership is open to voluntary sector organisations working in the West Midlands and organisations that are sympathetic and supportive to the interests of wider civil society.

Visit our membership pages to find out how to join.

How can I become a volunteer?

There are several ways of finding out about volunteering. You can contact your local volunteer bureau to find out about volunteering opportunities in your area. A full list of bureaux is available from Volunteering England.

Alternatively you can visit the online volunteering database where you can search thousands of opportunities and apply online.