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Accountability statement

RAWM recognises the need to be accountable to stakeholders in order to ensure that our work has the greatest impact. We do this by working towards improved transparency and information-sharing; more stakeholder participation in decision-making; and better evaluation and complaint mechanisms.

Stakeholders include the voluntary and community sector and wider third sector; supporters including members and funders; partners and allies, and UK regulatory bodies.

RAWM Board

RAWM's board is legally responsible for RAWM but appoints a chief executive and staff or associates to undertake the day to day activities of the organisation. The board is responsible for the strategic direction of RAWM and for ensuring that objectives are achieved.
Board members are elected to seats which have a geographic or thematic coverage. This coverage is known as a ‘community or place’ or a ‘community of interest’. Elected members represent, and are accountable to, the constituents of that community of place or community of interest who are RAWM members. For a list of current board members, and the seats they hold, go to Our Board.

Supporters: RAWM members and funders

We are accountable to funders and are contractually obliged to provide regular monitoring reports to evidence work progress.

We aim to be open and transparent with members and funders, and publish regular updates on the website and email messages, as well as tweeting.

We have a plan to improve our accountability to the voluntary and community sector by involving our members in monitoring the work we deliver and in assessing its impact. If there are problems, we want people to be able to make a complaint and to know that it will be acted upon, and we have a clear complaints procedure to enable this to happen. We also intend to publish more information about our work, including summary information from monitoring and evaluation reports, on our website.

Voluntary and community sector

We aim to be open and accountable to the voluntary and community sector. We produce an annual review and our full accounts are available on request. The most comprehensive source of information about RAWM and our work is our website.

Staff, associates and management

We are committed to an accountable management system in which staff/associates are properly line-managed and supported appropriately. We also have human resources policies that enable staff to pursue grievances following clear, transparent policies.

UK regulatory bodies

As a registered charity we are accountable to the Charities Commission and Companies House, and their regulations.